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Create Steady Streams of Income With 1 Day Set-Up Websites!

 * Site Type: Survey site
 * Cost: FREE to Join
 * Cashout: $1.00
* Payment Method: Check
* Countries: Worldwide
* Earned to Date: $94.50
* BEEN PAID $89.50 to date (waiting for a $5.00 check)

* Participate in online surveys, focus groups, and interactive studies.

* Get paid for every survey your referrals complete and for every survey their referrals complete.

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--- My Latest SurveySavvy Check ---
(Cashed out on June 9, 2010 and received check on July 15, 2010!)
SurveySavvy check for %3.00 paid on July 15, 2010
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Don't forget to complete the Portrait Surveys!

Your SurveySavvy.com member portrait is the perfect picture of you. SurveySavvy.com combines your registration information with the details you provide in the short portrait surveys to create your personalized member portrait. By completing portrait surveys, you will help SurveySavvy.com select you for more paid survey opportunities.

Portrait surveys range in length from 5 to 40 minutes to complete. Remember, you don't have to complete the poratrait surveys in one sitting. If you need to stop at any time, your responses will be saved and you can pick up where you left off at a later date.

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